Windpact is the company and Crash Cloud is the physical product.

No, Crash Cloud is an “ingredient brand”, meaning we co-brand our padding product with other helmet brands such as EvoShield, Under Armour and Schutt. Our Crash Cloud product is similar in positioning as Gore-Tex except our focus is impact protection solutions as opposed to waterproof solutions.

Other examples of ingredient brands are Gore-Tex, Intel, Vibram, Swarovski, Dolby, and 3M to name a few.  The common theme with these ingredient technologies is they make other products better, which is the same value proposition that Crash Cloud provides to our clients products.

Absolutely!  Crash Cloud can solve ANY impact problem in any type of helmet.  We have proven optimization padding solutions in the U.S. military ACH (advanced combat helmet) and can be applied to any team or individual sport helmets (e.g., football, baseball, cycling, ski, hockey, equestrian, skateboarding, cricket etc).

The primary industries we serve are sports, military, and automotive.  However, there are many other secondary industries that are relevant such as industrial (e.g., construction hard hats), packaging (i.e., valuable cargo such as fine art), as well as footwear insoles, bed mattresses or gymnasium padding.  While we are busy focusing on our primary industries we would be happy to assist you with solving your impact problems in any other industry.

No, Windpact can solve impact solutions anywhere the human body can be impacted by force. In addition to helmets (e.g., sports, military), we have proven solutions for car interiors (e.g., headliners, head rest) and body padding (e.g., elbow pads, hip pads).

Yes, Windpact has a network of factories that we use to manufacture our Crash Cloud padding solutions both domestically and internationally.

Yes, we offer engineering and design services as part of our process of developing cutting-edge impact padding protection.

Windpact is a privately held company with investor backing.
If you are a qualified investor or family office and have an interest in investing, please fill out this form and we will let you know if and when our next round of fundraising will commence.