Everyone knows why I started this company. Throughout my 13 years in the NFL, it became incredibly daunting to me the physical, mental, and psychological trauma that brain injuries can cause, in my case from football. I was shocked that helmet technology had not progressed in 30 years and that the helmet I was wearing to play was essentially the same one my dad was wearing when he played for the NFL. And to make it worse, I was thinking of how my kids would be wearing the same helmet too.

It was apparent that new technology was desperately needed.

Initially, the solution we developed was the Crash Cloud technology, a patented advanced impact protection system that can be tunable and optimized. What I didn’t realize at the time was that we were building something even bigger that would transcend impact protection and be able to touch the development of all products everywhere.

Windpact CEO Shawn Springs in a black half zip up sweater.

Through our own process in developing a technology as advanced as the Crash Cloud, we learned that computer aided design, modeling, and simulations were the keys to not only improving impact protection products but ALL products, bringing them to market faster and more cost-effectively—AND that our unique material data could unlock this potential.

In order to develop an innovative solution efficiently, we needed accurate data to create accurate simulations that significantly reduce time, effort, and costs around physical prototyping and testing. This process was valuable to our partners such as the United States Department of Defense and the National Football League.

We came to realize that what we have are computer-aided tools, empowered by our dynamic data, and innovative technologies such as the Crash Cloud that allow us to support product development across all industries.

We unlock faster, more cost-efficient processes to develop better-performing products.

This lead us to our evolution.

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13‐Year NFL Veteran

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“Tackling Helmet Protection Head On”