The Most Advanced Impact Protection Company in the World

Windpact is a Technology and Applied Science company focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of impact protection solutions for our everyday lives.

Our Vision

Windpact was initially born out of a desire to minimize sports-related concussive head trauma.

CEO Shawn Springs, a recently retired NFL player acutely aware of the damage caused by collisions, initially studied the technology behind football helmets. He was shocked to discover that helmet technology across industries had not changed much in 30 years.

Focused on finding a solution to mitigate the effects of collisions, Springs and Windpact built a core team of engineers, designers and world class scientists all dedicated to the science of impact, and how materials dissipate energy to improve impact protection.

Today, we are able to solve some of the most challenging impact problems in the sports, military, and automotive spaces.

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