Hummingbird women’s lacrosse helmet

The first girls lacrosse headgear

The first girls lacrosse headgear

Why would boys wear lacrosse helmets and not girls?

We agree, it doesn’t make sense!

That’s why Hummingbird sports was created to level the playing field. Hummingbird’s innovative soft shell combined with Windpact’s Crash Cloud™ padding system created a groundbreaking women’s lacrosse helmet.

Designed to Protect

Crash Cloud™ works independently and collectively as a system which intelligently adjusts air flow to manage a wide range of impact rates. ASTM certified.

optimal comfort

Adjustable and removable spin dial gives a snug, comfortable fit. Eighteen vents to maximize comfort and keep your head cool.

Made for Girls

Our signature Ponytail opening for maximum comfort and style.


Female lacrosse athletes now have the same head protection as men

Learn the inspiration and story behind Hummingbird sports by founder Rob Stolker.

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