Proprietary FEA techniques

Windpact utilizes proprietary FEA techniques to efficiently and effectively develop superior products and technologies. This type of modeling allows for a more effectual model that mirrors real-world behavior and accomplishes several things throughout the chain of development of a product. This user-friendly software tool integrates a proprietary materials database and advanced modeling, as well as various other inputs.

Windpact has developed new revolutionary models that are being applied to accelerate sports, military and automotive design and performance of advanced concepts.  This process enables Windpact to optimize our Crash Cloud solution for our co-branded clients.

FEA simulation vs real world physical testing

For example, the graphs above illustrate 89.8% accuracy between our modeling simulations and real world physical testing results.

The Benefits

Optimal performance

  • We are able to predict how a material will perform in an impact scenario and have the ability to understand materials better than the actual manufacturers do.
  • This allows us to down select the most optimal materials for physical testing and validation.

Reduced cost

  • By using machine learning (ML) methods that predict model behavior before hard prototypes are created, costs related to continued prototype testing are minimized.

Speed to market

  • The use of a dynamic, input-driven system not only reduces cost but also reduces the time needed to create multiple models through rote methods.

Custom design

  • Customizable and versatile models generated through FEA methods encourage designers to take risks and create a better product that ultimately saves both time and money.