Heavy on Safety, Light on Interference

Safety shouldn’t come at the cost of limited visibility, increased weight or added bulk. Therefore, we designed the Crash Cloud system to be nonintrusive, lightweight and adaptable, ensuring that a product’s ability to protect doesn’t interfere with the user’s ability to perform.

Impact Protection That Doesn't Impact Comfort

For generations, impact protection has been based on energy absorption through additional padding. This increased bulk leads to hot, heavy, uncomfortable gear. Windpact reimagined the problem to create a soft, lightweight system of airbags that is as comfortable as it is powerful.

Safety in Style

Crash Cloud’s system-based approach empowers product designers to conceptualize and develop equipment that performs as well on the field as it does in the mirror. No longer will people have to make the choice between style or safety.

A Sharp Focus with Broad Applications

Windpact’s Crash Cloud technology was born out of a desire to minimize sports-related concussive head trauma. However, the technology’s unique energy management response system has broader applications in military, construction, medical, automotive and just about anywhere people are exposed to the risk of impact.

There Are Different Types of Impacts, So We Took a Different Approach

There Are Different Types of Impacts, So We Took a Different Approach
Through extensive testing, helmets empowered with Windpact’s innovative technology, Crash Cloud™, have been shown to absorb and disperse impact energy far more effectively than the traditional absorption approach. Inspired by the science used to protect infants during car crashes, each Crash Cloud automatically adjusts to manage a wide range of impact rates, from soft bumps that only need minimal energy transfer to hard impacts requiring maximum energy transfer.

Here’s how it works:


The Windpact team is made up of passionate professionals who know firsthand the importance of safety, and the critical role technology plays in developing a solution that delivers on the promise it makes. With individual expertise ranging from science and technology to marketing and operations, the Windpact collective efforts are raising the safety technology bar.

Shawn Springs is the Chief Executive Officer at Windpact. Shawn, an entrepreneur, visionary and investor, has run a successful trucking company and a small transportation brokerage service, and as an angel investor, has participated in numerous other businesses, from real estate to tech startups. Prior to running companies, Shawn had a successful 13-year career in the NFL. Shawn earned his BS in Sociology at The Ohio State University.

Maurice Kelly is the Chief Innovation Officer at Windpact. In addition to his role at Windpact, Maurice has been a U.S. Navy Officer for 10 years, where he has devised operations plans and managed programs to provide information and support for critical decision-making. Maurice previously led strategic planning and program innovation efforts as the Director of Research and Development at Logistics Management Institute. Maurice earned his BS in Computer Information Systems for Management at Norfolk State University and a Masters in Management Information Systems at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Max Moyer is the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Windpact. Prior to joining Windpact, Max practiced law at Cooley LLP as an associate in their Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions practice groups. He specialized in venture capital and private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions and the representation of technology and emerging growth companies. Max earned a BA from Middlebury College and a JD from Vanderbilt University. While at Vanderbilt, he earned a joint Law & Business Certificate from the Owen School of Management. Max is a member of the Virginia State Bar.

Leon Marucchi is the Director of Design & Development at Windpact. Prior to joining Windpact, Leon provided consultant design services to medical device manufacturers and engineering development firms. From 1992 to 2015, Leon directed and integrated industrial design solutions for the worlds' leading ophthalmic device manufacturer, Carl Zeiss Medic, bringing over a dozen highly successful mass produced devices to market.

Leon's passion for developing highly innovative products with concurrent integration of viable manufacturing materials and processes hails from a family history of design and development of products, patterns and tooling for mass production. Leon has a BS in Industrial Design from Syracuse University and was selected as the outstanding designer of his graduating class.

Jose Fernandez is the Lead Product Designer at Windpact. Jose is a world-renowned sculptor who has worked on Hollywood motion pictures since 1989, specializing in costume design, and is most noted for his head sculptor and helmet creations in Batman and Robin, Thor, G.I. Joe, Planet of the Apes, X-Men, Men in Black, Hellboy, Bulletproof, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and Godzilla to name a few. Most recently, Jose was selected by SpaceX to design their spacesuits.

Jay Sayre is an Engineer at Windpact. Additionally, Jay works as the Asst. Vice President of Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability and the Director of Innovation for the Institute of Materials Research at The Ohio State University. Previously, Jay spent 16 years as the Director of Internal Research & Development, Energy, Health and Environment at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, OH. Jay has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a PHD in Materials Engineering Science from Virginia Tech and an MS in Polymer Engineering from The University of Tennessee.

Jake Smith is an Engineer at Windpact. A recent graduate of Virginia Tech, Jake has a BS in Engineering Science & Mechanics and an MS in Biomedical Engineering. At VT, he studied the biomechanics of concussions in athletes and evaluated helmet performance, spending 3 years testing in the helmet research lab. Graduating with University Honors and as part of Tau Beta Pi (engineering honors society), Jake spent time as a Project Lead for Engineers Without Borders in the Dominican Republic and was a member of VT's Student Hokie Club leadership council.

Kaarta Maron is the Business Coordinator at Windpact. Kaarta has worked alongside CEO Shawn Springs for over 17 years, assisting with charitable endeavors, business ventures and endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Whole Foods and Verizon. Additionally, she founded and served as the Executive Director of his Springs For Life Foundation. Her previous employment includes the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sonics and Short Cressman & Burgess PLLC. Kaarta has a BA in English from Willamette University.

Samuel Wu is the Sr. Industrial Designer at Windpact. Samuel brings valuable experience in sports, medical and fashion design to Windpact and is responsible for bringing to life current and future products via sketching, CAD modeling and renderings. Samuel has a BS in Industrial Design from California State University, Long Beach.

Sander Reynolds is a Product Development Consultant. Sander has more than 20 years of experience developing innovative sporting goods and has a cross-functional background with extensive experience in operations, product line management, product marketing, and research and development of sports equipment. Previously, he worked with many industry leaders including: Bauer, Brine, Adidas, All-Star, Brute, Cascade, Under Armor and Xenith. Sander has a BS in Psychology from New England College.

Board of Advisors

Keith, retired CEO and President of Harley-Davidson, Inc., recently was named Chairman of Exide Technologies and is leading the business through bankruptcy reorganization. With Harley from 2009-2015, Wandell charted a new direction for the company through the development and implementation of a strategic plan based on the core tenets of growth, continuous improvement, leadership development and sustainability. He was formerly the COO and President of Johnson Controls, Inc.

Dr. Lonser is the head of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University. Additionally, Lonser is the former Chair of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee. He also led the postmortem brain study of retired NFL Hall of Fame athlete, Junior Seau.

Mike, a partner at Cooley LLP, has been named one of the region’s 100 most powerful business leaders by the Washington Business Journal. In addition, Lincoln has been recognized as one of The Best Lawyers in America and was awarded the Navigator Award for his contributions to coaching entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

David is the inventor of Safety First’s Air Protect technology. Air Protect is the cornerstone of Windpact’s founding. Amirault invented the technology while working as the Director of Engineering and Product Development at Safety First.

Isaiah, an 8-year NFL veteran, currently is co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Sports Innovation Lab. The company identifies and evaluates the technology products and services that will power the future of sports. Former, he ran business development at MC10, a company focused on conformal electronics and wearable devices to optimize athletic performance. Isaiah is also a board member of the Concussion Legacy Foundation which is dedicated to solving the concussion crisis by advancing the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

Lou is a Global Sales and Marketing Leader for Gore-Tex Consumer Goods. Lou spent 16 years working in Gore-Tex’s shoe division before crossing over to lead the Sales and Marketing efforts of Elixir Strings, a division of Gore-Tex.

Mike is the retired President of Verizon's Global Wholesale Group and a former member of the Verizon Leadership Committee decision team (top 15 execs at Verizon). As head of the Global Wholesale Group, he was responsible for $11 Billion in annual revenue and 13,000 employees providing coverage to Asia, Europe and North and South America. He currently sits on the advisory board of Finsphere, a leader in mobile identity authentication. Mike was named to the Black Enterprise Top 100, Global Telecoms Top 100, Savoy Top 100 and is a member of the Global 50. He holds an MBA and BS in Business Administration from Angelo State University.


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