How We Evolved

2011 – Windpact Founded

Windpact was founded with the inception of the Crash Cloud™ concept, driven by a mission to mitigate sports-related concussive head trauma. The initial focus was on enhancing impact protection in football helmets.

2016 – Commercial Products

Our patented ingredient technology, Crash Cloud, found applications across multiple industries, including sports, military, and automotive. Our inaugural commercial product, the Hummingbird Women’s Lacrosse Helmet, launched. Additionally, we received the NFL 1st & Future Award and NFL HeadHealthTech II Award, reinforcing our commitment to advancing football helmet research and development.

2018 – Advanced Models

Our focus on Advanced Models revealed the pivotal role of computer-aided design, modeling, and simulations in enhancing not only impact protection products but all products, facilitating faster and more cost-effective market launches. Our proprietary material data proved instrumental in unlocking this potential. 

Ultimately, we developed predictive and functional FEA models for diverse applications, including football helmets, combat helmets, and the Crash Cloud model. Leveraging virtual design and simulations enables significant influence on product design, resulting in tailored and optimized solutions.

2020 – Advanced Materials

Our focus on Advanced Materials led us to develop efficient and innovative solutions by leveraging accurate data for simulations. This approach significantly reduced time, effort, and costs associated with physical prototyping and testing, benefiting partners like the United States Department of Defense and the National Football League. 

We employed computer-aided tools, powered by dynamic data and innovative technologies like the Crash Cloud, to support product development across industries. 

Our proprietary method of material data collection covers a wide spectrum, enabling a diverse range of simulations and thorough material characterization, including physical, mechanical, and impact properties, expanding possibilities by tenfold.

2023 – Innate3D

2024 – Digital Community (COMING SOON)

We are launching a digital learning platform dedicated to “innovation education”, featuring proprietary content aimed at advancing knowledge and skills within the sector. This initiative represents a significant push towards educating the market and establishing Windpact as a thought leader.