Windpact has issued utility patents

In the United States, patent #US 8,863,320 B2 was issued in October 2014 and patent #US 10,039,338 B2 was issued August 2018. International filings have been made in Brazil, Canada and China. In addition to the foregoing, Windpact expects to continue to expand its intellectual property portfolio in other areas of interest as Windpact develops additional technologies. Windpact has trademarks in its name and “Crash Cloud,” the name of its technology.

Shawn Springs was featured in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s “Journey of Innovation” series.

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One of the patent drawings (left) for the Crash Cloud technology (U.S. pat. no. 8,863,320) shows a three-dimensional rendering of the padding. The Windpact logo appears on the top. Shawn Springs (right) demonstrates how Crash Cloud works by squeezing the padding between his fingers. Photo by Jay Premack/USPTO.