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HeadHealthTECH V1 Award

NFL – HeadHealthTECH VI – Using Applied Science to Improve Helmet Technology

by NFL PR WINDPACT Wins NFL HeadHealthTECH VI Award!! The NFL and Football Research, Inc. (FRI) announced two winners of…

The Army's New Helmet System

Military Times – Former NFL Star Leading The Charge For The Army’s New Helmet System

By J.D. Simkins & Todd South, Military Times A company founded by a former Washington Redskins all-pro has been tasked…


Windpact CEO Shawn Springs in a black half zip up sweater.

FXQ: Former NFL Pro-Bowler Shawn Springs is Making a Big Impact on Impact Protection

Sport Lifestyle Network: Shawn Springs on the Sport Lifestyle Podcast

Windpact CEO Shawn Springs in a black half zip up sweater.

Newswire: Shawn Springs, Former NFL Star, Joins Boulder Crest Foundation

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Getting hit by a baseball

What is it like getting hit with a baseball in the head?

HeadHealthTECH V1 Award

The Future of Football: Windpact – NFL TV Commercial featuring Shawn Springs

Shawn Springs came from a family of football, and now his son is continuing that family legacy in college. So,…

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TEDx Columbus – Tackling Helmet Protection Head On


Cost of Traditional Equipment Testing

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

Overview: Viscoelastic Material Models

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Smithsonian Event: “Innovative Lives”