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Heavy on Safety, Light on Interference

Safety shouldn’t come at the cost of limited visibility, increased weight or added bulk. Therefore, we designed the Crash Cloud system to be nonintrusive, lightweight and adaptable, ensuring that a product’s ability to protect doesn’t interfere with the user’s ability to perform.

Impact Protection That Doesn’t Impact Comfort

For generations, impact protection has been based on energy absorption through additional padding. This increased bulk leads to hot, heavy, uncomfortable gear. Windpact reimagined the problem to create a soft, lightweight system of airbags that is as comfortable as it is powerful.

Safety in Style

Crash Cloud’s system-based approach empowers product designers to conceptualize and develop equipment that performs as well on the field as it does in the mirror. No longer will people have to make the choice between style or safety.

Windpact Crash Cloud Technology
Windpact Crash Cloud Technology

There Are Different Types of Impacts, So We Took a Different Approach

Through extensive testing, helmets empowered with Windpact’s innovative technology, Crash Cloud™, have been shown to absorb and disperse impact energy far more effectively than the traditional absorption approach. Inspired by the science used to protect infants during car crashes, each Crash Cloud automatically adjusts to manage a wide range of impact rates, from soft bumps that only need minimal energy transfer to hard impacts requiring maximum energy transfer.

Here’s how it works:

Winning Takes Teamwork

The Windpact team is made up of passionate professionals who know firsthand the importance of safety, and the critical role technology plays in developing a solution that delivers on the promise it makes. With individual expertise ranging from science and technology to marketing and operations, the Windpact collective efforts are raising the safety technology bar.

Shawn Springs

Chief Executive Officer

Max Moyer

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Leon Marucchi

Director, Design & Development

Penny Cook

Chief Product Officer

Jose Fernandez

Lead Product Designer

Kaarta Maron

Business Coordinator

Jay Sayre


Jake Smith


Samuel Wu

Senior Industrial Designer

Sander Reynolds

Business & Product Development

Diane Phillips

Business Development, Military

Board of Advisors

Windpact is supported by a respected group of professionals who understand the importance of the team’s mission and provide their leadership, expertise and business acumen to ensure the company is building smartly and achieving milestones.

Keith Wandell

Retired CEO & President, Harley Davidson Inc.

Russell Lonser, MD

Chief Medical Advisor, The Ohio State University

Michael Lincoln

Corporate Counsel, Cooley LLP

David Amirault

VP of Marketing, Sterno Products & Inventor of Air Protect

Isaiah Kacyvenski

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Sports Innovation Lab

Lou DiPietro

Global Sales & Marketing, W.L. Gore

Mike Millegan

Retired President, Verizon Global Wholesale Group

Liz Fryer

President/Owner, Smart PT

Jarka Duba

Jarka Duba, CEO/Founder ZG Collective LLC

Fio Omenetto

Associate Dean for Research, School of Engineering, Tufts University


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