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We bridge your ideas with world-class technologies and the minds behind them, turning collaboration into your next big breakthrough.


Windpact licenses advanced technologies and provides tailored services to enhance impact protection across industries, setting new standards in product safety and performance.

Harnessing an ecosystem of scientific experts, university research partners, and industry leaders,  Windpact accelerates product development, empowering our partners to innovate. 




Empower your projects with advanced technologies through licensing partnerships.


Access an ecosystem of industry experts, university partners and global manufacturers.


Solve product development challenges with Engineering Services, Market Analysis and Strategic Planning.

change your game

Smithsonian Museum of American History Showcases Crash Cloud™ Technology in ‘CHANGE YOUR GAME’ Exhibition

Exhibition Opening: March 15, 2024

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Windpact’s digital community connects researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, promoting the exchange of innovative research and technology. 

Engage collabortively with global thinkers, spark new ideas, and drive actionable insights across industries. 

Connect with Windpact and we’ll build the remarkable together.

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