Crash Cloud™

The patented Crash Cloud both absorbs energy as it compresses, and dissipates energy through impact vents, before rapidly re-inflating like a spring. By adjusting the type of foam and rate of controlled airflow, the Crash Cloud can be tuned to address a wide range of real-world impacts – from linear to rotational impacts.

The Benefits of Our Impact System

Tunable Technology: The Crash Cloud adapts to impact, optimizing for various levels from linear to rotational. We select foam based on our Proprietary Foam Materials Database. FEA modeling helps optimize its performance.

Repeatable Protection: Unlike other solutions limited to one impact scenario, the Crash Cloud empowers users to withstand multiple impacts within a single event, providing comprehensive energy absorption.

Lightweight Comfort: Safety doesn’t have to be bulky or restrictive. Our innovative blend of controlled airflow and open-cell foams minimizes weight and size, delivering effective impact protection without constraints.

Customizable: The Crash Cloud is modular, adapting to any shape, size, or texture for diverse applications. This flexibility allows Windpact to deliver tailored solutions for each client.

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