Project Description

Discover superior Safety and the Most Comfortable Catcher’s Helmet and Mask.

Discover The World’s Safest and Most Comfortable Catcher’s Helmet and Mask. 

When you feel good, you play great

Windpact and EvoShield have teamed up to combine their areas of expertise and created groundbreaking products. The classic Catcher’s Mask has been updated with modern technology and the futuristic Catcher’s Helmet will make you feel like a superhero ready to crush the competition. Elevate your game with confidence in the enhanced safety and comfort of this new head protection. 


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Superior Impact Protection

Windpact’s patented Crash Cloud™ technology absorbs energy based on the type of impact through air dissipation, and re-inflates like a spring ready for the next impact. The EvoShield catcher’s helmet and mask are engineered to take a hit from a ball, bat, or a base runner.

Optimized for comfort

EvoShield’s stylish design integrated with Crash Cloud™ technology has created the world’s most comfortable Catcher’s Helmet. You can expect a light helmet that doesn’t use bulky pads that cause catcher’s to overheat or fatigue due to helmet weight.

Greater Visibility

Never lose sight of a pop fly or an aggressive base runner again. The EvoShield Catcher’s Mask designed with Crash Cloud™ technology allows you to see the whole field while maintaining focus on the pitcher.

Perfect Fit

Windpact’s customized padding solution molds to the EvoShield cage so there is no slippage. The fit is not too loose and not too tight so the mask feels like it’s a part of your body. Now you can focus on the game with confidence.

Be a team leader and wear the best catcher’s gear

Elevate your game and be the first to rock this special edition of Windpact x Evoshield catcher’s mask and catcher’s helmet. Offered in an array of neutral and pop colors to match your team colors.

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