U.S. Army Tactical Combat Helmets

The United States military combat helmet powered with Windpact technology outperformed the existing solution 3-times better than the current impact energy level.

The United States military combat helmet powered with Windpact technology is 50% safer than the previous solution.

Windpact solved for a 17 feet per second impact versus the previous 10 feet per second impact standard for these ballistic shells.

We were able to achieve this unprecedented result utilizing an advanced finite element model combined with Windpact’s pedigreed material data for both the Advanced Combat Helmet (aramid shell) and the Enhanced Combat Helmet (polyethylene shell).

Superior Impact Protection

Windpact’s patented Crash Cloud™ technology absorbs energy based on the type of impact through air dissipation, and re-inflates like a spring ready for the next impact. This enables superior impact protection for the warfighter to mitigate concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Optimized for comfort

The Crash Cloud is constructed with multiple foam materials. High density materials are used at the base of the shell to absorb impacts and soft materials are used touching the head to optimize for comfort. Computer generated pad geometry enables optimal airflow within the helmet shell to keep you cool. When you feel comfortable you are more alert with the mission.

Combat Ready

Warfighters can do their job confidently knowing that they have the absolute best equipment that is combat ready. The Windpact military combat helmets were vigorously tested by the United States Army.

Perfect Fit

The customized solution fits perfectly on all areas of the head. Varying pad heights were used for area specific support.

Best-in-class science created a war fighter helmet with decisive overmatch

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